Owen Wilson doing Paul Thomas Anderson’s next


Further corroborating Hollywood whisper that he’s making moves to do more dramatic fare (he recently signed for the thriller “The Coup”) funnyman Owen Wilson has joined the cast of the new Paul Thomas Anderson flick, “Inherent Vice”, says The Wrap.

Joaquin Phoenix, Anderson’s new go-to boy, plays the lead character, a stoner detective looking into the kidnapping of a girl he use to date.

Benicio Del Toro was reported to have joined the cast earlier this week, playing the small role of Phoenix’s lawyer.

No word on who Wilson, whose past non-funny stuff includes “Night at the Museum”, “Behind Enemy Lines” and “The Haunting” , will play in the ’70s set piece.

Wilson next appears opposite Vince Vaughn in a more typical movie for him, “The Internship”.