Your favourite shows have been cancelled


… if you’re a “CSI”, David Spade, Matthew Perry or fan.

While many, many pilots get the call from their respective network to say they’re “not going ahead”, just as many calls are being made to existing shows informing them of their demise.

Hear are some of the shows that have been notified over the past couple of days that their days are numbered.

CSI : NY – “C.S.I” will now be the only “C.S.I” show on TV.
Rules of Engagement – This lasted a lot longer than one expected it to, I think.
Go On – Matthew Perry can’t catch a break.
Golden Boy – Theo James’ mid-season offering has been killed. Shame, he was cute.
Touch – Bad news for his co-stars, not so much for Kiefer who has already been offered his old “24” gig back.
The New Normal – Never watched it. Anyone else?
Guys with Kids – This one never appealed from the get-go.
Happy Endings – One of the better sitcoms on the air. Guess Elisha Cuthbert is now available to rejoin Kiefer on the new “24”?
Body of Proof – Seemed to be doing OK, I thought?
Malibu County – Not sure what this was.
Red Widow – Radha Mitchell was too good for this sloppy soapie thriller, anyway.
Vegas – Dennis Quaid is a great actor… maybe too good for this one?
Southland – A really good show, this one. Hopefully the cast land gigs just as good.
Monday Mornings – It frees up Jamie Bamber for something “Battlestar Galactica”…

There is good news though, for fans of the shows that got the chop, some of the new shows hitting the air this year truly look great : Look out for “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”, new Anna Faris sitcom “Mom”, and “Super Fun Night” starring Australia’s Rebel Wilson.

Meanwhile, returning/renewed shows – some many expected not to get a second lease of life – include “Nashville”, “Community”, “The Carrie Diaries”, “Revenge”, and “The Middle”.