CBS kills Billy Rosewood! Beverly Hills Cop series rejected!


In a shocker that’d have Axel Foley himself shouting expletives throughout the foyer of the Beverly Hills Hotel (or CBS headquarters, which might be more appropriate), the TV reboot of “Beverly Hills Cop” has gotten a ‘pass’ from CBS.

The Hollywood Reporter says the show, which many considered a lock (especially since it tested through the roof!), now needs to find a new home.

The series stars Brandon T.Jackson as Aaron Foley, Axel’s (guest-star Murphy) son in an action-comedy reinvention of the Martin Brest hit. Shawn Ryan, of “The Shield” fame, is attached as a producer. Despite the good names in-front of and behind the camera, CBS had no problems sticking a fork in the pilot.

Sony and Paramount are now said to be shopping to the show, which also features Judge Reinhold reprising his Billy Rosewood (from the three “Beverly Hills Cop” films), to other networks.

If the show doesn’t get a home, there’s still hope for the franchise… Brett Ratner’s been developing “Beverly Hills Cop 4”, remember? PLEASE TV NETWORKS, PICK IT UP!