Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Toxic Avenger!


Two-hander with Stallone. Check!
Gritty crooked cop movie with the guy that did “Training Day”. Check!
Sequels to his most iconic movies – Terminator, Twins, Conan the Barbarian. Check!
Remake of “Toxic Avenger”. Check!

Wait… What!?

Arnold Schwarzenegger wants in on Steve ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ Pink’s remake of “The Toxic Avenger”, says Variety.

Furthermore, Schwarzenegger’s not playing the green guy himself but… someone else in the film (the villain, perhaps?).

Melvin takes on the Terminator? Sure, sounds like fun… but still, wonder where the appeal lies here for Arn, don’t you?

Troma’s original “Toxic Avenger” spawned several sequels; no idea whether the new one will lead to “TA 2 : Judgement Day” though.