10 Breaking Bits


1. James Gandolfini’s “Criminal Justice” show – originally passed on as a series – has been revived by HBO as a ‘Limited Series’ (THR)

2. Barry Levinson (“Rainman”) is executive producing a new “Billy the Kid” [limited] series over at Fox. (THR)

3. Jodelle Ferland, Noah Ringer and Michael Eklund will star in “The Peppercorn Chronicles”, a feature-length take on a short film called “Mrs. Peppercorn’s Magical Reading Room”. Mike Le Han’s film fixes on “a teenage girl who moves to Black Lake with her parents. After meeting the local bakery owner’s son, she discovers dark secrets revealing that she could be the key to saving humanity.” (Variety)

4. “Young Guns” director Christopher Cain will direct the indie “Terra Infirma”, about “a team of environmental scientists handpicked by a billionaire recluse who tasks them with exposing crimes against the planet and restoring balance between nature and man.” The cast includes Angus MacFadyen, Wes Studi and Adam Beach. (Deadline)

5. Angela Bassett has joined the all-star cast of FX’s “American Horror Story : Coven” (Deadline)

6. Garrett Hedlund, Margot Robbie, Toby Kebbell and Riz Ahmed will star in screenwriter Matthew Michael Carnahan’s directorial debut ”Violent Talent”.”The film focuses on Eamon (Hedlund) as he and his two oldest friends Angel and Quan (Kebbell and Ahmed) try to build a criminal empire in a contemporary Chicago where he feels crime might be the most honest job around” (Deadline)

7. A trailer for the James Franco starring/directed/co-written “As I lay Dying” is online :

8. David Gerrold, legendary Science Fiction writer, and David C. Fein, Producer of ”Star Trek: The Motion Picture–The Director’s Edition” have joined forces to bring you a new science fiction adventure series, “The Star Wolf”. Joining them are Producer/Writer D.C. Fontana, Design and Effects Consultant, Daren R. Dochterman, Sound Designer, Steve Lee, and Academy Award winner Dennis Skotak as VFX Director of Photography. The project, based-upon Gerrold’s best-selling “The Star-Wolf” book series–is about a crew of regular people caught up in an interplanetary war between the human race and the animalistic Morthans. Gerrold, probably best known for writing the Star Trek episode “The Trouble With Tribbles” says of the new show, “We’re finally going to make the show I’ve been dreaming about for years; a show that is compelling, thought provoking and bold enough to take on the real emotional issues of war.” To finance the production of “THE STAR WOLF”, a crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign has been created. Executive Producer, David C. Fein, explains, “If we were producing this series in the network model instead of New Media we wouldn’t have the freedom to tell the stories we want to tell. It would also cost us close to three times as much given the network overhead and/or the requirement to hire name actors to help sell the show. This way, every dollar that we receive goes directly into the production.” All contributors to the campaign will receive exclusive Kickstarter ‘STAR WOLF: LAUNCH CREW” branded items, and will receive unprecedented private updates on the progress of the show from start to end. A link to “David Gerrold’s THE STAR WOLF” Kickstarter campaign is available at: http://www.thestarwolf.com

9. Kylie Minogue as She-Ra? See for yourself!

10. Byran Singer has tweeted a pic of Nicholas Hoult and Hugh Jackman in ’70s gear, as they appear in “X-Men : Days of Future Past”.