Will Smith remaking The Wild Bunch


Never afraid to tarnish a classic (hello “Karate Kid”!), Will Smith’s said to be saddling up for a remake of legendary western “The Wild Bunch”.

The Fresh Prince is gunning to headline and produce – alongside Jerry Weintraub – the done-over cowboy gang yarn for Warners, The Wrap reveals.

Unnecessary? sure, but don’t be stabbing Smith with the sharp end of your boot. It was going to happen anyway…the film has been on the ‘remake’ pile for a couple of years now at the studio, long before Smith took an interest in it. And I think, and feel free to disagree, the flick will be better off with Smith – a capable thesp – in it, and producing, than someone less equipped or skilled.

The late Tony Scott was actually originally attached to helm the picture. Warner Bros are currently scouting for a replacement. Same in respect to the writer; Brian Helgeland had written a draft for the Scott incarnation, but the plan now is to bring in someone new who can write it up as a ‘Smith vehicle’ rather than ensemble piece.