Christopher Nolan approached for Bond 24!?


In terms of Bond directors, it doesn’t get much bigger than Sam Mendes. EON really hit the jackpot when they nailed down the “American Beauty” for “Skyfall”, didn’t they?!

But we’re forgetting someone. Remember how “Batman Begins” and “Inception” wunderkind Christopher Nolan said he’d be interested in doing a 007 movie?

Well, seems EON would be as glad to have him as he he’d be of glad to be of service.

The Daily Mail reports that Nolan has been approached to direct the next Bond film.

Is it true? I dunno, it is The Daily Mail, after all, and they’re not exactly renowned for ‘getting things right’. At the same time, you can imagine that EON and the Broccoli’s would be hoping to snare a big name to do the next 007 flick, particularly after Mendes saw them achieve great success with “Skyfall”, and if Nolan’s already said he’s interested, well, it makes sense he’d get the call.
The thing that might prevent the union coming together though is Nolan’s schedule, he’s doing that big-budget time-travel pic “Interstellar” for the next umpteen months, and EON want Bond 24 in theaters next November (2014). How he can do two films at once, I don’t know… unless he’s really Roger Corman.