Evan Peters playing Quicksilver in X-Men Days of Future Past and Avengers 2!?


Fox and Disney may have gotten into bed with one another – and not even not it! (what a surprise they’ll get when they awake and turn to see who is on the pillow next to them!)

The comic-book character of ‘Quicksilver’, recently confirmed to be in Joss Whedon’s “Avengers” sequel, is also due to pop up in another Marvel comic book movie – and surprisingly, it’s not one of Disney’s.

The mutant offspring of Magneto will appear in Twentieth Century Fox’s “X-Men : Days of Future Past”!- – and furthermore, the same actor is likely to be playing the role in both the former and “Avengers 2”!

Bryan Singer has revealed that “American Horror Story” star Evan Peters is playing the role of the speedy kid in his “X-Men” sequel.

Though it isn’t stated, I’d say Peters is indeed going to be playing the part again in “Avengers 2” – Marvel wouldn’t dare annoy fans by having a different actor play the same part at the same time, right!? The films mightn’t have the same distributor, but they most certainly share the same production company and many of the same key personnel. And about time the studios that own the Marvel properties started to working hand-in-hand.

“X-Men : Days of Future Past” is out 2014; “The Avengers 2” is out 2015.