MacGruber 2 being written next month


While most Australians will be locking themselves in their rooms come June for the heat, “MacGruber” star Will Forte will be confining himself to the one room next month so he can get some work done – and on none other than “MacGruber 2”!

Though not a bonza smash-hit upon it’s initial release, the “MacGyver” spoof developed quite the following on DVD, as such, whenever Forte does an interview, he’s asked when the sequel’s coming. And it seems, he’ll soon be able to give an “ETA” along with “Soon”.

The former “Saturday Night Live” star tells Rolling Stone that on “June 10th my writing partners John Solomon, Jorma Taccone, and I are locking ourselves in a room and writing it.”

Forte, who’d reprise the title role, says he also plans on getting Kristen Wiig and Ryan Phillippe to return for seconds.

Now just because Forte and his partners are going to write a “MacGruber 2” doesn’t mean we can expect it to anytime soon – remember, they’re likely not going to pay for the movie to get made, so they’ll have to wait it out until someone’s willing to cough up cash for it. Considering the original wasn’t a huge hit for anyone first time around, nobody’s probably itching to do that at this stage.