Lay the Favourite


Thanks to Roadshow Film Distributors, we have 5 copies of “Lay the Favourite” starring Bruce Willis up for grabs on DVD!

Stripper, Beth Raymer (REBECCA HALL – The Town), has had enough of seedy dives and sleazy guys. She is heading to the bright lights of Vegas to fulfil her one big, unrealised ambition: to become a cocktail waitress. How hard can it be, she figures, but even in this gambling mecca, no one will take a punt on Beth’s serving skills.
Enter sports gambling kingpin, Dink Heimowitz (BRUCE WILLIS – Die Hard franchise), who hedges his bets on the ditzy small town girl and hires her as his assistant. Beth quickly shows she’s more than just eye candy – she’s got brains and street smarts to match. Within days, Beth’s head for numbers is paying off with Dink’s business suddenly booming. And with a few aces still up her sleeve, Beth discovers she can bet on anything, including her future…

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