Beware the Night! Here comes Joel McHale, Tough Cop!


TV funnyman Joel McHale, about to begin the fifth season of his small-screen cult favourite “Community”, is set for a change of pace with a cop role in Scott Derrickson’s “Beware the Night”.

McHale joins Eric Bana in the supernatural thriller, which tells of a copper who “has put his faith in religion behind him but now finds himself targeted by the Devil in the form of possessed soldier”, says The Hollywood Reporter.

McHale, also this host of E’s “The Soup”, will play Bana’s partner, “an experienced and tough cop”.

Sean Harris (“Prometheus”) is playing the ‘possessed soldier’, Edgar Ramirez is already on board as a Jesuit priest, while Olivia Munn is playing Bana’s wife.

After “Beware the Night”, McHale returns to the ‘funnies’, with a supporting role in Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore reunion “Blended”.