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Gillian Anderson wants a third X-Files movie

Gillian Anderson wants a third X-Files movie
Brooke Campbell

Out stumping her latest series “The Fall”, former “X-Files” star Gillian Anderson says she feels Dana Scully deserves a better send-off than the one she and Mulder got in 2008’s “X-Files : I Want to Believe”, and hopes another film might come to fruition.

Singing a similar tune to the one fans have been singing, the actress tells Collider a third “X-Files” movie come together could tie things up nicely.

”It feels like it needs one more chapter, in terms of the films”, says Anderson, who reprised TV’s Scully for “X-Files : Fight the Future” and “X-Files : I Want to Believe”. “I think we all feel like having one more film out there will wrap it up nicely. It’s really just a matter of when. Now, in terms of my schedule, I don’t know when that when is. I’m not in any immediate rush to be calling Chris [Carter] and tapping my foot, but if it’s meant to happen, it will happen. The fact that it’s having a second life with the children who were obsessed with it is really awesome. There’s a whole new generation out there that’s discovering it on Netflix, and that’s great.”

Anderson’s going to be pretty busy this year; aside from “The Fall”, she also recurs on TV’s “Hannibal” (as the title character’s psychiatrist), and has the lead role on the new NBC drama “Crisis”.

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