Columbus sets sail with Pixels for Adam Sandler


“Gremlins” writer Chris Columbus is in talks to direct the interesting-sounding “Pixels” for Columbia Pictures and [Adam Sandler’s] Happy Madison, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Based on the short of the same name, the movie tells of 1980’s video game characters attacking New York City.

The trade says the film will have the characters coming out of their game, and entering the real world, where they’ll pose a threat for real. The idea is to apparently make something akin to “Ghostbusters”.

Patrick Jean, who did the short, is executive producing. Tim Herlihy wrote the screenplay for the film, which Tim Dowling did a rewrite on.

Columbus, who directed the first three “Harry Potter” films, as well as “Home Alone”, hasn’t got any cast lined up, but with Sandler producing it’s likely he’ll have some sort of role.
Here’s the original short “Pixels” :