New DTV Scorpion King and House Party sequels coming


Today, news on a couple of sequels – both of which you’ll have to digitally download or buy a disc of, to see.

Firstly, Universal Home Entertainment are about to get moving on “Scorpion King : The Lost Throne” – the fourth in the “Scorpion King” series, and the second with Victor Webster (“Mutant X”) in the title role. Shooting in Romania, it’ll see the big guy getting caught up in a sticky situation with the royals. Cue the ‘army of one’ battle scenes!
Interesting that the “Scorpion King” series continues, but “The Mummy” series – in which the character was introduced, then played by Dwayne Johnson – is being rebooted. Must still be working for Universal.

Second, but coming a lot sooner (since it’s in the can), Warner have announced a new “House Party” – albeit one that seemingly only features ‘cameos’ by Kid N’Play.
“House Party : Tonight’s the Night” arrives onto DVD and Digital Download on July 23.
Tequan Richmond (television’s “Everybody Hates Chris”), Zac Goodspeed (television’s “Modern Family,” “True Jackson, VP”), Rolonda Watts (television’s “Days of our Lives”), Christopher “Kid” Reed (“House Party”), Christopher “Play” Martin (“House Party”), Gary Anthony Williams (television’s “Weeds,” “Malcolm in the Middle”), and Tristin Mays (“Thunderstruck”) star.
Here’s the synopsis : Chris has it all worked out: he’s ready to leave high school behind and head to college in his sweet new ride. The problem is, he’ll be leaving behind his best friend and partner in rhyme, Dylan. And he still has to get with Autumn, the girl he’s had a crush on since second grade. The solution? Throw one last party where Chris and Dylan can show off their skills with words and women. But a little get-together becomes a hilariously epic disaster where anything can happen and anyone might turn up… including the original house partyers,
Kid ‘n Play.
And here’s the cover-art :