Watching Films on Android


Like any other smartphone, you want to know: can I watch movies and programmes on it with great quality and sound? If you need advice and guidance on where to start, which phones and apps are the best for movie watching and so forth, phones4u offer great services where they can walk you through anything you need to know. D&C Film ( is a handy website that offers film reviews and alternative movie options for you to read up on if you want a bit of movie culture.

There are quite a few applications available for Android phones that are great for watching movies. One of these is Realplayer. This has been around for quite some time now, but it allows you to watch films and listen to music with great quality, and also saves you some memory space which is always handy.

For someone with a little more phone hardware experience, the DicePlayer is another good option. If you ask Phones 4 U to help you with this they’ll be able to set it up for you. It features hardware accelerated video playback, along with network streaming for easy access to your media collection.
For those of you who need things to be a little more straightforward, mVideoPlayer is one of the best. You can choose which movies and programmes you watch and can stream them to your phone through Wi-Fi. Its easy-to-use design makes it great for picking up quickly.

MX player is the most popular app out there. With over 10,000,000 downloads it’s the best one by far. The app also has a kid’s lock plug-in so you can make it child-friendly and not have to worry about them getting hold of anything you don’t want them to.

The Android phones have enough power for you to be able to watch movies on it without any problems, but just in case you can still watch them even whilst charging. The downside to these applications is that they all work best when connected to Wi-Fi. If the movies have already been downloaded it is less of a problem – which is great when travelling. The preferred apps available are the MX player and mVideoPlayer; as well as being a lot easier to get along with, they do the job better and easier than some of the others.