Bobby Cannavale to star in Scorsese’s next HBO series


Martin Scorsese is retaining the services of his series’ Season 3 star Bobby Cannavale for another HBO drama.

The untitled Rock ‘n’ Roll series, which Terence Winter and rocker Mick Jagger created, will feature Cannavle as Richie, ”a cocaine-fueled record executive in New York City circa 1977, when punk, disco and a new form of music called hip-hop collided. Richie is a talented A&R guy who is elevated to run a big record label, even though he thinks he’s better suited to focusing on day to day music matters”, says Deadline.

The project, which has been in the works since 2010 but looks to finally begin shooting 2014 (with Scorsese directing the pilot), came about from conversations Scorsese and Winter had with Jagger while the former was directing the Rolling Stone’s concert doco a couple of years back. Jagger’s idea was to come up with a movie like “Casino”, but having it set in the music biz.