Wallace and Piz confirmed for Veronica Mars movie


The “Veronica Mars” movie has announced a couple more additions to it’s cast – and no, they’re not big surprises either.

Likely onboard since day one, but only now announced as part of writer/director Rob Thomas’s tactic to keep awareness high for the project by leaking information on it at a snail’s pace, are Percy Dags III and Chris Lowell, reprising their roles as Wallace and ‘Piz’.

Yep, seems they were both available. Pretty lucky there wasn’t a clash with Dags and his commitment to…

wait, where was I?

Oh yes, so Wallace was Veronica’s bestie at High School, and Piz, you’ll recall, was the teen private eye’s love interest in season 3 (aka ‘the season where they slowed up the theme song – which blew!’). No word on whether there’ll be any action between Veronica and Piz action in the new film – insert ‘Piz Dispenser’ joke here! – but Thomas had previously said our heroine will have a ‘new’ boyfriend in the movie (likely someone of ‘note’ to entice a few more bucks out of Warner Bros).

Thomas, who previously announced Jason Dohring (‘Logan’) would be joining star Kristen Bell for the 2014 release, announced the addition of Dags and Lowell in an email to the project’s Kickstarter supporters. They’re now giddy. Squeeing across the Twitterverse.