Another classic Spidey villain appears in the upcoming sequel!?


According to a rumour posted on Comic Book Movie, “Chronicles of Riddick” star Colm Feore – who we knew was in the film, we just didn’t know who he was playing – is playing known comic-book villain ‘The Vulture’ in Marc Webb’s “Amazing Spider-Man 2”.

If true, that brings this movie’s villain count to 4 – with Jamie Foxx’s ‘Electro’, Chris Cooper’s ‘Green Goblin’, and Paul Giamatti’s ‘Rhino’ also out to get the web-slinger in the 2014 sequel. Is that a little too many? is that hoveringly around alarming “Batman & Robin” terrain!?

Though maybe ‘The Vulture’ remains in his uncostumed guise for the most part (appearing in his best-recognized form in a later sequel)- so it mightn’t count!?

Whatever the case, and despite the superfluity of crooks in the film, the upcoming sequel – what with those Gwen Stacy scenes (you know the ones, I’m not saying here) – should do big numbers.
Sam Raimi had planned to use the character of ‘The Vulture’ in his abandoned “Spider-Man 4”; John Malkovich had been cast to play the role.