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Snyder, Goyer a lock for Man of Steel 2

Goyer also writing “Justice League”, taking over from Will Beall

None of the web guys that have seen the film seem shocked by this news, nor do the marketeers keeping track of the film’s pre-release buzz, still, a vote of confidence for Zack Snyder with word today that Warners has already commissioned the filmmaker and “Man of Steel” writer David S.Goyer to do a sequel.

Word is strong for the ‘Superman’ reboot, but some suggested the studio might instead try and convince Snyder to do a “Justice League” film first. In recent interviews, Snyder suggested Superman should have another couple of solo adventures before teaming with his Super Friends – and Warner seems to now agree.

Deadline says Snyder and Goyer are now officially locked into doing “Man of Steel 2”. Producer Christopher Nolan will likely also have some sort of involvement in the sequel, but nothing as “full blown” as his mentor role on the current film.

That “Justice League” movie is coming though – and likely with some of the same band behind “Man of Steel”; Deadline says Goyer has not only signed to write a “Man of Steel” sequel, but pen the long-awaited “Justice League” movie, too. Goyer’s now-official involvement in “Justice League” also confirms rumours that Warners tossed “Gangster Squad” scribe Will Beall’s script for the film, which insiders say wasn’t to the studio’s liking.

“Man of Steel” opens in the states this week.

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