Wilson joining Carrey for Napoleon Dynamite director’s next


“The Internship”‘s Owen Wilson is joining Jim Carrey for the new Jared Hess bankrobbing action comedy, formerly known as “Loomis Fargo”.

Emily Spivey’s screenplay, since rewritten by Chris Bowman and Hubbel Palmer, ”tells the fact-based story of a disgruntled armored car driver who is persuaded to risk it all for love, money, and extravagance. He and his cohorts liberate $20 million from a bank vault. They promptly double cross him and as the driver’s left alone on the run in Mexico while they live the high life, he becomes obsessed with getting even.”

Deadline says there are quite a few good names involved in Relativity’s production – aside from director Hess (“Napoleon Dynamite”) and stars Carrey and Wilson – including the dependable team of Danny McBride and Jody Hill, of “Eastbound & Down” fame, who will executive produce. Lorne Michaels is also listed as a producer.

Wilson and Carrey – who had some memorable moments in forgotten ’90s classic “The Cable Guy” – next appear together in this year’s “Anchorman : The Legend Continues”; they’re just a couple of the film’s long list of cameo players.