The new 300 : Rise of an Empire Trailer


Second time in a week we’ve had to count to 300.

Yesterday, we unveiled the film’s pectacular (you heard me) new poster.

Today, we’ve our first looking at ‘moving pictures’ from the impressive-looking Rugby commercial.

Aussie boy Sullivan Stapleton (“Animal Kingdom”, “Gangster Squad”) flexes his pectoral area in the Noam Murro-directed “300 : Rise of an Empire”, originally due out this year, but pushed back to 2014 – either due to fierce sexy-male-movie competition from the likes of Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum, or the possibility of locking in Rexona for some cross promotion.

Moviehole’s Clint has had a couple of exclusives on this one over the past twelve months, first in terms of casting (spilling deets on the character of ‘Artemis’, the female lead), and later on the film’s revolving door of title changes. This, I believe, is the first time he’s – and anyone else, for that matter – seen footage from the film. Guessing, with Comic-Con around the corner, there’ll be even more stuff to share soon.

Anyway, what is this!? Oh, it’s a “300” sequel. Without Gerry. But with Coconut Oil.

The film’s a parallel story set at the same time as events in the first film – fixing on a new band of warriors, and baddies played by (original nasty) Xerxes and the abovementioned Artemis, played by “Casino Royale”‘s Eva Green. In addition to Rodrigo Santoro’s Xerxes, the trailer suggests the return of “Games of Thrones”‘ Lena Headey’s as Gerard Butler’s, um, now widow.

While the Butler deficiency makes “300 : Rise of an Empire” a harder sell, those hot bods and the ‘produced by’ credit belonging to “300” and “Man of Steel” director Zack Snyder should help matters. And did I mention hot bods?

Some sophisticated film critic I am. “Sorry? did you say, ‘hot bods’?”.