There’s always tomorrow, tomorrow, Sandra Bullock


‘Sandra Bullock might do Annie…’ the headlines read.

My first thought? Heche is back on the other team, and Sandy’s given up on playing ball.

Upon closer inspection, one recognizes the news is regarding an “Annie” remake that Sandra Bullock’s considering doing – and I think you, me, and Steve Martin feel a dang lot better now, right?


The star of the upcoming “The Heat” (shaping up to be one of the bigger comedies – give or take 30 pounds) is in talks to do the movie musical, which Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment has been constructing.

Young Oscar Nominee Quvenzhane Wallis (“Beasts of the Southern Wild”) is in talks to play the singing-dancing orphan, while Jamie Foxx will play the film’s equivalent of a contemporary Daddy Warbucks.

Sony apparently offered the role of the strict orphanage manager to Bullock previously, but she turned down the offer. According to The Wrap, her arm’s been twisted – that Will Smith has quite the grip, it seems – and it’s looking like “Annie” might get its second Oscar Winner (sure to work magic on the marketing campaign!).

Will it beat that 1982 original, though? Gonna be hard, Gonna be hard…