10 Breaking Bits


1. Disney has retitled their “Muppets” sequel – originally titled “Muppets…Again” – “Muppets Most Wanted”, and skedded it for March 21, 2014. In addition, Disney has announced a sequel to “Planes”, called “Planes : Fire & Rescue”, will release July 18, 2014.

2. Marvel have scheduled two mystery movies for release in 2016 and 2017. Might they be “Black Panther”? “Doctor Strange”? or maybe “Avengers 3”? (Coming Soon)

3. “Mad Men” star Christina Hendricks will star in the film ”Measure Of A Man”, a coming-of-age drama to be directed by Terry Loane and written by A Single Man scribe David Scearce. ”The pic is based on Robert Lipsyte’s young-adult novel One Fat Summer. Set in the 1970s, Measure stars Riley Griffiths as a bullied teen negotiating the challenging path to manhood under the guidance of a reclusive Wall Street executive who gives him a summer job.” (Deadline)

4. Emma Watson will headline the fantasy “Queen of the Dearling”, based on the book of the same name, for “Harry Potter” producer David Heyman (Variety)

5. The events in “Man of Steel” will cause the ‘Justice League’ to reveal themselves, says writer David Goyer. “In our world, the Man of Steel world, Zack has gone on record saying that we’re implying there are other superheroes in this world. But I don’t know that they’ve come forward yet. The idea is that Superman is the first one. There might be people helping people, but not in costumes, and that Superman comes forward and announces himself to the world. In him announcing himself, he’s the one that changes things…. there would be a cause and effect. And that would extend to the collateral damage that happened, and to what other countries feel about the fact Superman calls America his home. Man of Steel doesn’t exist in a vacuum.” (Bleeding Cool)

6. Paul Feig talks about deleting a Matt Damon cameo from the 2011 hit “Bridesmaids” (Variety)

7. Pics from the set of “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” are online.

8. A&E has snapped up Joe Carnahan’s amateur bull-riding drama (Deadline)

9. “Vampire Diaries”‘ Joseph Morgan will star with Walton Goggins, Ron Perlman and newcomer Nicole Badaan in the adaptation of the cult Craig Clevenger novel “Dermaphobia” (The Hollywood Reporter)

10. New stills from “The Canyons”, featuring Lindsay Lohan, are online