Matt Damon in a movie about the Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal?


Matt Damon is being courted to star in a film Thomas McCarthy (“Win Win”) is putting together that explores the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal, says The Wrap.

Based on award-winning articles that outed the church’s seedier side, the film would play out a lot like classic “All the President’s Men”, with Damon playing the Redford-esque role of a reporter that cracks it wide open. What exactly does he spearhead? “a year-long investigation by the Boston Globe’s spotlight team, which interviewed victims and reviewed thousands of pages of documents.
Their reporting eventually led to the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Law, who hid years of serial abuse by other priests, and opened the floodgates to other disturbing revelations around the world.”

Damon has been the favourite to take on the role of reporter Mike Rezendes since the film went into development back in 2011.