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5 actors who Seth Rogen wanted for This is the End (but didn’t get)

5 actors who Seth Rogen wanted for This is the End (but didn’t get)
Caffeinated Clint

As far as starry casts go, you can’t go past Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg’s “This is the End” – the thing essentially vacuums up the walkers of the Golden Globes red-carpet and plonks them onto a sound stage. But naturally, and despite the abundance of names the co-directors of the new comedy hit managed to arm-twist into their apocalyptic laffer, there were a couple of people the guys behind ‘the year’s funniest movie!” wanted but missed out on including in the film.

Rogen and Goldberg tell Moviehole that, for one reason or another, these 5 actors weren’t able to accept an offer to participate in “This is the End”.

Bill Hader

Rogen seemed mostly disappointed he couldn’t get his “Superbad” co-star Hader into the movie, but he was just too busy at the time. “Hader.. I wish he had been in it”, says the filmmaker and actor of the “To-Do List” and “Turbo” star.

Edward Norton

Rather surprisingly, Goldberg says cinema’s second-last Incredible Hulk “Really wanted to be in it” but ultimately “couldn’t make it” due to other commitments.

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks, who worked with Rogen on both “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” and “The 40 Year-Old Virgin”, was keen to make an appearance. “I was very excited to work with her”, says Goldberg, ultimately disappointed that she couldn’t fit it into her schedule.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz, who had worked with Rogen on “Green Hornet”, had agreed to do a spot in the film but ultimately had to bow out. “She was dying to be in it”, says Goldberg, but explains that she couldn’t ultimately do it because the film had shifted locales from L.A to New Orleans making it logistically impossible for her to do a cameo at the time.

Daniel Radcliffe

Before offering a part to his “Harry Potter” co-star (though truth be told, Mila Kunis was offered Emma Watson’s role first), ‘Harry’ himself was asked to come aboard. Rogen says the script, at the time, wasn’t that impressive so the actor passed on the opportunity. He’s glad they ended up with Watson though, remarking on how excited the audience is when they see her.

“This is the End” is now showing in the U.S, and opens July 18 in Australia

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Caffeinated Clint

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