Selma Blair exits Anger Management


TMZ readers will know “Anger Management” co-stars Charlie Sheen and Selma Blair have had a falling out. As a result, the irate Councillor is about to lose his concealed shrink and recurring love interest.

Producers have confirmed “Hellboy” actress Blair’s exit, apparently due to a kafuffle over Sheen’s work ethic on the series, “which films two episodes per week and often finds Sheen with more than 40 pages of dialogue per script” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Blair’s departure comes hot on the heels of the show going on pause to creatively refashion itself. That restructuring will now involve incorporating a new female regular, to fill the void left by Blair.

“Anger Management”, which is locked-in for 90 episodes, still has 60 episodes to produce in order to fulfill its commitment to the network.