Jim Carrey suddenly won’t support Kick Ass 2


Jim Carrey has taken to Twitter to announce he won’t be hitting the promotional trail for “Kick Ass 2”. According to Jim, who plays Colonel Stars and Stripes in the ‘adult’ comic book flick, the movie is no more than a violent reminder of the tragedy of Sandy Hook, and he suddenly doesn’t feel right promoting something that stumps the joy of violence.

And Jim, Universal thank you for the publicity. The movie is now on its way to making a good $150 million on it’s opening weekend, based solely on those 140 characters.

While Jim’s right, the movie is violent, and yes, these things do remind us of the horrible events of recent times, like Sandy Hook, the actor also would’ve signed on knowing full well that “Kick-Ass 2” would be a violent, ass-kicking, no-holds-barred, kids-attacking-kids feature – Uni weren’t planning on sequelizing the “violent” original with an animated musical version featuring a fish in a top hat, he knew exactly what it would be. I guess, to his defence, the Sandy Hook tragedy happened a month after the actor completed work on the August release, and obviously his feelings about it have changed as a result of what came after, but still… there’s always been bad in the world Jim, and there’s always been violent movies… so the about-face doesn’t seem so much admirable as it does… “wonderful cheap PR”.

Kid in schoolyard : “Did you hear Jim Carrey said Kick-Ass 2 is super violent!? We so gotta go, dog!”

What could’ve happened here is Jim’s schedule prevented him from doing any publicity for the film, so he got together with the brass to cook up another way he could help promote the film. And boy, did he ever.

Sold. I’m in.