Paging Matthew Fox, World War Z Part 2 in the works!


Laughably, since it had so much trouble in production, with the chaos still somewhat visible in the finished product (how’s that frankensteinien third act!?), “World War Z” hasn’t just gone on to be one of the biggest films of the year, let alone Brad Pitt’s career – but they’re now talking franchise.

My first question is : Will Matthew Fox be reprising his role as… Paratrooper?

My second is : Will Brad Pitt be turning up at screenings of other people’s films just to help those flicks in the marketplace!? He could be like the warm-up act!? It’d be money well spent. I have a film called “Radio America” that could do with a Pitt appearance at its North American premiere; I’m betting my co-producer would agree it’d be money well-spent having a fellow ‘Sexiest Man in the World’ introduce the film. And I don’t think Uni will knock back the offer to have Pitt surprise cinemagoers at an advance screening of “Riddick” either. “Ladies and Gentlemen, the star of… well, not this film.. but A film.. Mr Brad Pitt!”

Thirdly : Will “World War Z..Z” have anything to do with Max Brooks’s novel? (“Paramount : Who’s Mel Brooks, anyway!?”) Because that first film sure didn’t.

The Hollywood Reporter‘s got some sort of confirmation that a sequel is in the works.