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Family Ties & Spin City creator Gary David Goldberg dies aged 68

So soon after Jimmy Gandolfini, we’ve lost another great

Oh man, this sucks.

So soon after Jimmy Gandolfini, we’ve lost another great.

The best way to pay tribute to Gary David Goldberg, creator of two of the finest sitcoms in history “Family Ties” and (a subsequent alliance with Michael J.Fox) “Spin City”, is to show some of the man’s work in videoy action. And I’ll do that, but first, I want to thank Gary – whose Ubu Productions’ end-of-episode logo will be remembered for years to come! – for giving my tiny self such great laughs back in my pre-teen years with TV diet staple “Family Ties” (shalalala!), and then, of course, “Spin City” (which he did with Bill Lawrence), all those years later. The two shows remain my favourite sitcoms of all time, and I think it’s got to a lot to do with Michael J.Fox’s presence – the guy is a genius at tube jesting – but also the masterful job Goldberg did putting these shows together. So I thank you Gary. I mean it. You did fine, fine work.

Gary David Goldberg passed away, aged 68, from brain cancer.

Let’s remember him as the sitcom king he was, and take a look back at some of his classic work…

Will we ever forget this opener?

Will we ever forget this family?

Will we ever forget Alex’s first break-up?

And who can forget that tearjerker last episode of “Spin City” … of Michael J.Fox’s.

Take a bow Gary…

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