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Most readers will know that I’ve been a fan of Gillian Anderson’s work since I was 12 years old. So when I heard that Ms. Anderson was going to be leading Alan “Prime Suspect 2” Cubitt’s exciting new BBC drama “The Fall”, I made a decision to do something which I have never done before, a decision which labelled me as somewhat crazy amongst my fellow fangirls who were squeeing weekly in delight at tidbits of information (Even then, Sandi still squeed though, I promise you – Ed)… I decided that I was going to watch the series blind.

This means, I did not read any articles, watch any interviews and most importantly avoided all spoilers at all costs. It was hard. Very hard. Especially when there were so many websites, live tweeters and fans on my social networking feeds that were out to spoil not just me, but everyone.

I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to have my chance to write about this series, and when it was finally available to me here in Australia, I knew that I had to dedicate some time to sitting myself down without distractions.

I don’t want to go into too many details for those who are yet to sink their teeth into this delicious, intricately woven tale told from two lead character points of view. Paul Spector and Stella Gibson.

Spector (played by the delicious Jamie Dornan “Once Upon A Time”) – respected psychotherapist, husband and father of two, and the series psychopath – you see, the refreshing thing about “The Fall” is that you know from the outset, that Spector is responsible for a series of murders that have taken place in Belfast. The beginning of the story sees Spector stalking lawyer Sarah Kay (Laura Donnelly) in what is set to become a series of violent murders. If you’re a brunette, gorgeous, professional woman in Belfast you need to watch out – because you will blip on Paul Spector’s radar.

Gibson (played by Gillian Anderson “The X-Files”) – Smart, beautiful, no nonsense Detective Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police, who has been brought into Belfast by her colleague Jim Burns (John Lynch “Spooks”) to help try and solve the murder of an architect, Alice Munroe. Gibson also sees links between Alice’s murder, and in the case of another murdered young professional woman, Fiona Gallagher and suspects that there might be a serial killer at large – she has trouble however convincing her colleagues that this is the case. Gibson exudes sexuality, whether it be swimming laps to keep fit, telling journalists to F*** off, or rocking the many gorgeous silk shirt and suit combinations as she walks the Belfast police halls.

The thing I personally enjoy about Anderson’s acting, is that she doesn’t necessarily have to have dialogue to convey exactly what is going on in any given scene. She is the queen of getting her message across on screen via the raising of an eyebrow, a piercing look and even a ‘come hither’ stare. Ms Anderson has expressed through several interviews, and at convention appearances in the Northern Hemisphere that this is her favourite role to date. After watching the series, I can appreciate why. This is a role that encompasses strength, passion, dedication and a raw feminine confidence that I don’t think Anderson has had the chance to portray – and if you ask me, there had better be an award at some point for this role.

The story is fantastic and has plenty of twists and turns. At times you think you’ll work out exactly what is going on – and then a new curve ball will be thrown at you.
The cast have done an amazing job on the series, however the kudos definitely all “falls” on Gillian Anderson. Yes I’m biased, but check it out for yourself and then tell me that I’m wrong. But be warned, if you’re looking for closure in the first season – it is a cliffhanger ending. Thank goodness there’s going to be a Season two!

“The Fall” is now available on Netflix, or to purchase through

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