Liam Neeson Taken again


When asked about the chances of a “Taken 3”, while on the promo circuit for last year’s “Taken 2”, Liam Neeson said something along the lines of “Are you fucking kidding me? How shit a dad would that go be if his kid or wife get kidnapped again! It’s not happening. Now will someone get me some Evian. And Lemon. I gotta have Lemon. If you don’t get me Lemon, I swear, I will find you and I will kill you!”.
In other words, Neeson felt no need for a “Taken 3” to exist – not before seeing a large number, anyway.

To quote one of the funnier lines from Ivan Reitman’s “Twins” : Money Talks and Bullshit walks.

Deadline‘s reporting Europacorp has dangled 20 million dollars in Neeson’s face, and he’s apparently jumped for it like a greyhound would a Roger Rabbit plush.

Fox and Besson’s crowd are planning to get Nesson back in front of the cameras, with his trusty phone, Rolodex of haters and pocket knife, on “Taken 3” next February.

While they won’t be paid anywhere near what Qui Gonn-Jinn’s getting, negotiations are also underway for Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen to return. And Deadline suspects Oliver Megaton, the Transformer who – even without thumbs – directed “Taken 2” will be asked to return, too.

There’s going to be a 10-disc DVD box set of these “Taken” films at the end of the day, I bet. The ghost of Charlie Bronson smirks.