It’s Alive! Fox’s Frankenstein slotting in cast


A couple of months ago fairytale were all the rage in Hollywood, now it seems the classic monsters of yesteryear are the must-get additions to one’s film or series.

There’s a bunch of different versions of the ‘Frankenstein’ story in the works (heck, Tim Burton’s beaten most of ’em to the punch with his “Frankenweenie”, released last year), either for the small-screen or big, and Fox is about to plonk another atop of the wobbly pile.

Paul McGuigan’s directing a classy new take on the lab-created monster with the filmmaker currently on the hunt for thesps to bring to life the title character and his creation. Daniel Radcliffe has already agreed to play Igor.

According to Deadline, “RocknRolla” star Toby Kebbel and “Boardwalk Empire” alum Jack Huston are in the running to play Victor Von Frankenstein. As the site suggests, other actors will likely also meet with McGuigan – in London – to discuss the role, but at the moment Kebbel and Huston are the favourites for the part.

Like an inexperienced and easily bored introvert on Prom night, expect it all to be over pretty quick – McGuigan hopes to make his pick within the next fortnight.