Some of the very best Casino movies


Although there have certainly been plenty of movies based in casinos over the years – from the classic era of Hollywood to the present day – a lot of these are not highly regarded by those who actually play casino games in real life. Thanks to the development of online casino sites, this type of gambling remains very popular in the digital era, but whether it is because they get the games themselves wrong, whether they fail to concentrate enough on the games, or because they are simply incredibly bad all round, many casino movies don’t make the grade. These are some of the best ones.

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This 1998 thriller by modern-day noir specialist John Dahl did not really win a huge cinema audience on its release, but in the years since then it has picked up a devoted following – particularly amongst high stakes poker enthusiasts who appreciate the realistic and accurate depiction of these games in the movie. It stars Matt Damon as a law student attempting to win back money he has lost through his participation in these games, but could also be used as a tutorial for those looking to learn how to play Texas Hold’em.


It does focus as tightly on the gambling itself as Rounders does, but this 1995 film by Martin Scorsese is respected by casino gambling fans for its accurate depiction of a period in the history of Las Vegas. The film shows how the mob moved in and took control of the casinos in the city, bringing glamour and excitement, but also sickening violence and corruption, with them. Not one for the faint hearted however, especially the notorious head in a vice torture scene.

California Split

This 1974 film by Robert Altman features two of the decade’s most famous actors – George Segal and Elliott Gould – as gamblers two men who develop a friendship due to their shared appreciation for gambling. The film charts the progression of Gould’s character as he becomes more addicted and in debt, before managing to win at a high stakes poker game. With its realistic depiction of casino gambling and the friendship of the two main characters, it is one of the best casino movies.