Christopher McQuarrie is remaking Unforgiven


Firstly, slimmer down purists; I didn’t say it was the ‘Eastwood’ “Unforgiven”.

He mightn’t have the time to work any more on the “Top Gun 2” script (Jerry Bruckheimer saying yesterday he’s too busy working on “Mission : Impossible 5” to do anything further on the flick) but writer turned director Christopher McQuarrie’s seemingly made room on his calendar to write, produce and direct “Unforgiven”, a cinema-ready adaptation of the UK mini-series, according to Deadline.
The “Jack Reacher” director, who in recent times has been scripting “Mission : Impossible 5” for the Barney to his Fred Tom Cruise, had been on “Unforgiven” at an earlier stage – back then it was designed to be an Angelina Jolie vehicle – and has now agreed to steer it towards the cameras. Graham King is producing alongside the multi-talented McQuarrie.

Unforgiven is a drama-thriller about the intrigue and violence that unfolds when a woman completes a 15-year prison stretch for the murder of two policemen who’d come to evict her family from their farmhouse. Her hope is to live quietly and reunite with her troubled younger sister, but she unwittingly becomes a target for revenge.

No word if Jolie’s still someone the production pictures as a protagonist (or whether McQuarrie’s going to rerwrite the character to be male and hope Cruise agrees to do it) but looks like it’ll happen this time.
No word on when “Unforgiven” might get up, but with McQuarrie rumoured to be Cruise’s pick for director on “Mission : Impossible 5”, it mightn’t be until the latter half of 2014.