Shane Black on Doc Savage : Will include Capra-esque elements of ’30s films


“Iron Man 3″‘s Shane Black was recently assigned writing and directing duties on a feature film adaptation of the ol’ pulp “Doc Savage” novels. It’s a fab match, considering the novel’s great blend of action, adventure, charm and humour (which many of Black’s screenplays possess) but also because the filmmaker, who made his directorial debut on “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”, has been a long-time fan of the source material. Hopefully his enthusiasm and knowledge of the character will result in a good movie.

Collider caught up with Black at this week’s Saturn Awards, and got the lowdown on the project’s setting, tone and so on.

“We’re shooting it as though it’s in the 30s, including all the Capra-esque elements of 1930s films like You Can’t Take It With You. The idea of ‘What if Jimmy Stewart were a stone-cold killer?’ basically. It’s that kind of combination which we enjoy.”

Black touched on his love of the original books.

“Doc Savage is a personal film to me. It’s a 1930s pulp character so it hasn’t been around for 75 years or so, but people if they’re introduced to it they’ll get to know, hopefully, what I came to love as a kid. I’ve read those series for 43 years and always wanted to figure out how to crack it.”

“Doc Savage” will be Black’s next film; it is set up at Sony.