Adam Brody reflects on abandoned Justice League movie


Former “OC” star Adam Brody was, you may recall, all set to play ‘The Flash’ in a 2008 feature film version of DC’s “Justice League” before the plug was pulled on the movie at the last minute.
Without going into details too much, the film – which was due to shoot in Sydney under the direction of “Happy Feet” director George Miller – was cancelled because the production was refused a needed tax break to shoot down under. Though the film was as good as ready to shoot – aside from Brody, the cast included Armie Hammer, DJ Cotrona and Teresa Palmer – Warner decided it was better to cut their losses and move on; the studio would ultimately decide to divert their attention to solo ‘Batman’ and ‘Superman’ movies. Sadly, Brody devotees would never get their fix of seeing that spunky in orange leotards.

Brody, promoting his new film “Some Girl(s)” in the UK, tells HeyUGuys a little bit about that time in his life, and was asked whether or not he might consider playing the role if it came up again in the future.

Listen, I’m in a position where I don’t have the luxury of choosing what $300 million movies to do and not do. If a budget like that came my way, at this point in my career, I would do it regardless. But, I will say that – and by the way I don’t think it would if only because I don’t think they’d want it to smell in any way, shape or form like the old version which would have been good I might add. It was a great script, and it was a great director, and I’m not saying it would have changed the world, but that movie would have worked, I will say that. I’m objective about it and I’m also a critic, I am nothing if not a critic. I’m telling you that, again, it wouldn’t have changed the world, but that would have been a nice little movie I think, but they [Warner Brothers] just didn’t want to cross their streams with a whole bunch of Batmans in the universe and all the other reasons they didn’t make it. I’m just saying that in an isolated world, that was not a bad movie. I will say that I don’t have any particular affinity for the Flash. I grew up reading comic books, and loving them, and I still have a fondness for them. Although, the older I get the more saturated the marketplace gets, I find the less I care as a whole. That said, of course I’d do it yet, it doesn’t hold a special place in my heart, that character.

“Some Girl(s)” has opened in the UK and US.