Moviehole has 5 Blu-ray copies of “Compulsion” to Giveaway on Blu-ray.

The film, starring Heather Graham and Carrie-Ann Moss, is available on DVD and Blu-ray from July 3rd.

Heather Graham and Carrie-Anne Moss play two very different women who occupy adjacent apartments. In a battle of wills, one woman is withdrawing from everything positive in life while the other is overflowing with its possibilities and illusions. Their confrontation and resolution is both surprising and deeply disturbing.

In ”Compulsion”, Saffron (Carrie-Anne Moss) is elegant, though she doesn’t emphasize the fact. A former child star, she’s emaciated, brilliant, excoriating and contemptuous of herself and the world. Amy (Heather Graham) is her neighbor, a chef, who is newly separated. She remains undaunted and is able to remold her mind and her body at will just like her surroundings. She dreams of helming her own Food Channel show and of being a celebrity like the ones she’s always so admired, such as the woman she discovers is actually living across the hall from her. She’s fearless and so in a way is her neighbor. It’s just that the chef fears nothing in life while her neighbor fears nothing about death.

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