Day of the Dead rises again!


Millennium Films, Taurus Entertainment and “Texas Chainsaw 3D” producers Lati Grobman and Christa Campbell have announced plans to revive “Day of the Dead”, the classic 1985 George Romero-directed horror movie.

“Dead”, which fixes on a group of survivors of the zombie apocalypse struggling to survive in enclaves, was previously remade in 2008.

“Contrary to other recent zombie remakes, our Day of the Dead will honor Romero’s original vision by reviving the slow, brooding zombie that terrorized so many of our childhoods,” Grobman tells Deadline. “The trend of the fast, agile, ‘sprinting’ zombie creates a lot of great jump-out-of-your-seat moments, but it doesn’t compare to the psychological fear and tension that builds when going up against Romero’s original undead army.”

The producers want to make a movie that’s loyal to the original but also offers something new and contemporary.

“Our goal is to reset the genre by finding the perfect balance between nostalgia and modernity,” Grobman says, “all while crafting a story that has both heart and brains — literally.”