Pill, Wilson, MacBrayer, Garcia and more get Cooties


The supporting cast of SpectreVision and Gracier Films’ horror comedy “Cooties”, headlined by Elijah Wood, has started to fill.

Joining the “Lord of the Rings” star in the Leigh Whannell/Ian Brennan written film are Alison Pill (“The Newsroom”), Rainn Wilson (“The Office”), Jack McBrayer (“30 Rock”), Jorge Garcia (“Lost”), Nasim Pedrad (“SNL”) and writer Whannell (“Saw”).

The film tells of “a zombie-like epidemic originating from an infected chicken nugget that turns elementary school students into rampaging savages”, according to Deadline, who provides this latest casting news.

Wood plays “a substitute teacher leading a ragtag band of educators in a fight for survival” with Pill playing “an eternally optimistic 4th grade teacher” and Wilson an “ex-athlete turned PE teacher Wade.”

“Cooties” begins filming July 15 in LA.