Leighton Meester makes them good Veronica Mars fans go mad


A full dance-card has prevented Leighton Meester from reprising her role as ‘Carrie’ in the “Veronica Mars” movie, now filming in sunny Cali, writer/director Rob Thomas told the film’s 20 million* financiers today.

The Kickstarter-funded project, which will hit (some) cinemas and digital platforms early next year, sees most of the show’s cast – including quite a few support players, including ‘hot dog vender #1’ from episode 3.3 – returning to the reprise their roles, if even for a “hi” and “bye” or “screw you, Logan!”.

Unfortunately, “Gossip Girl” alum Meester, who appeared in two episodes of “Mars” before Dolly mag even knew who she was, has a scheduling conflict and can’t return.

Rather than write her character out of the script, Thomas says he’s cast musician in the part of Carrie (who, for those who’ve never seen the show, isn’t some loon with telekinetic powers who is doused in pig’s blood at the prom).

Andrea Estella, lead singer of one of Thomas’s favourite bands ‘Twin Sister’, will make her film debut in the pic.

“We needed a performer who could sing in this important role. [So I] decided to cast someone from a band I already wanted in the movie.”

Thomas just gave you fans a plot point there – Carrie will sing in the movie.

Estella said while she hadn’t seen the show before, she’s caught up with it and… blah, blah, blah.

“It’s the exact kind of show I would get obsessed with.” She also says that “it’s been a bit of dream to be in a movie, especially being a messed up rock princess. How could I say no? I think the VM fans are going to be very happy!”

Meantime, Leighton Meester is hanging in the corner with her five best friends, she thought you were trouble, but she couldn’t resist.

* This number may have been fluffed for entertainment’s sake.