Tom Cruise’s name change


Just as his ex-wife may do if Hubbard’s cronies start lurking around the patio, Tom Cruise’s new movie has undergone a name change.

“All You Need is Kill” will now be known as “Edge of Tomorrow” (it remains “Running, jumping, shouting Cruise : The Movie” in film circles). This one honestly looks quite decent – Cruise rarely disappoints, after all – and encompasses the rather engaging yarn of a military soldier killed in action and caught in some sort of a time-loop, meaning he has to keep reliving that brutal moment over and over. The flick is the brainchild of “Bourne Identity” helmer Doug Liman, and co-stars that freshly-sizzling hot pocket Emily Blunt, so there’s enough good crew behind it to see it runs well.

The movie lands June 6, but Comic-Con attendees will get a sneak peek at it this week when Warner Bros and Village Roadshow pimp it as part of their Hall H Presentation.