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TV stars under Curfew

Wesley, Rossum and Perlman to star in feature version of Oscar-winning short

Shawn Christensen, who won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short for “Curfew” at the Golden boy ceremony, is bringing his tale to a larger canvas. To help him see the mission through, he’s roped in big names Paul Wesley (“The Vampire Diaries”), Emmy Rossum (“Shameless”) and Ron Perlman (“Sons of Anarchy”) to star. Fatima Ptacek, who played the niece in the original short, is back for the film.
The movie, says Deadline, “follows Richie (Christensen), who at the lowest point of his life gets a call from his estranged sister asking him to look after his 11-year-old niece Sophia for the night.”
Sounds like a cross between “Adventures in Babysitting” meets “Jeff who Lives at Home” by way of the green room at the Golden Globes.

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