Comic-Con 2013 : Posters and Artwork Coolness!


I’m starting to remember how hard it was running this site all alone! It’s quite a task trying to cover everything, without my base of writers….  who are off having the time of their lives in sunny California! But we’ll get there.

The gang have landed in Los Angeles where, in a few days time they’ll be headed to Comic-Con in San Diego, required to talk to the stars, sit in on the panels, watch upcoming movies before anyone else, and got out of the way of a 300-pound stormtrooper that’s in a rush for the Mens room. In between all that, they’ll likely insist on sending me photos of the lovely food and drink they’re tossing down their gobs, the run-in with Amber Heard they had in my place, and the Jedi vs. Ninja Turtle fight that they’ll witness first hand out the front of the Convention Center.
But before all that – Comic-Con doesn’t technically begin until Thursday – here’s some of the cool stuff the studios are unveiling in advance of the yearly pimp-a-film-palooza.

Warner Bros and Village Roadshow have revealed the artwork for All You Need is Kill ”Edge of Tomorrow”, which is going to be spruiked at the studio’s big Hall H Presentation.

Mondo’s “Godzilla” poster – which is promoting the next giant lizard to invade the screen – will be handed out to folks attending the Con this week (in other words, not me).

Aussie boy Sullivan Stapleton inadvertently plugs those 24-hour Gyms in “300 : Rise of an Empire”. Here’s one of a couple of SDCC posters for it (yes kids! That’s ‘Sarah Connor’ from TV’s “Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles”: on the one-sheet!)

Some new character posters from January release “Seventh Son”, starring everyone’s favourite version of Jeff Bridges ‘homeless-looking hobo, Bridges!”, have been released over on it’s Facebook page. Here’s one :

I spoke to Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright and Nick Frost about this movie here in Melbourne yesterday; until that interview hits the net, here’s a few “World’s End” posters that have been crafted specifically for Comic-Con.

A special Comic-Con poster for cutesy kids flick “How to Train Your Dragon 2” has been released – and it’s hotter than a flying creature’s throat sauce!

Loving this! Looks like this “Sex & the City” spin-off includes some rather dark themes!

To celebrate an upcoming 3D Blu-ray re-issue of “Predator” – the original “Get to da choppa!” one – a booth at San Diego is gonna slap your head on a stick. The cool images, displaying what this entails, are here.

To sell the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release of “Oblivion”, Universal went and f#$%*ed up the convention center. Check it out…

Nearly all the crowd from Moviehole will be at Comic-Con from Thursday tweeting, reporting, blogging, gate-crashing.. what have you! Stay tuned here to Moviehole for your round-the-clock Comic-Con coverage!