Hooch inspires Turner to do a third Da Vinci Code


Your favorite Harvard Symbolist – no, not Ginger Larry who lurks about the cafeteria – has at long last returned! Or will… just after Luke Skywalker does.. and Iron Man… and Dominic Torretto.

Today, Sony announced the release date for an adaptation of Dan Brown’s latest novel, “Inferno,” – the last installment of the literary series that follows Robert Langdon’s snoopish antics – December 18, 2015.

Yep, that’s just a few months post-all those other blockbusters that hit Summer 2015.

(“The Lost Symbol”, another of Brown’s books that features the Langdon character, is also being adapted – and by Danny Strong, if I recall correctly – but it’s been put on the back burner for a while.)

The eternally-bust Tom Hanks – to be or not to be with mullet – is on board to return as Robert Langdon, only this time he’ll be sniffing after clues from Dante’s “The Divine Comedy” and will, I’m sure, be traveling across the globe, discovering new religions, secret societies and the like. Maybe a pretty girl will come his way, too. Or Jean Reno. Or Jean Reno as a pretty girl.

Ritchie Cunningham’s doppelganger, lil’ Ronnie Howard will again direct, with series regular David Koepp back on writing duties.

Personal note : I haven’t seen the first two installments because, quite frankly, I never had any interest (yep! a film critic that suits herself!) – and that’s despite being a fan of Hanks and Howard. I just never got in the Dan Brown groove, and only made it through about ten pages of “Angels and Demons” before flicking the TV back on. But though I’m not holding my breath in anticipation for “Inferno”, I’m sure plenty of you are. Let us know if I should reconsider my stance on the film series.

2015 is still a couple of years away, so meantime, decipher some messages from your breakfast cereal to keep busy.