The Rocketeer to help stop Helix’s virus from spreading


Billy Campbell – or as his father Walt Disney christened him ‘The Rocketeer’ – has snared the lead in one of the more anticipated TV offerings of the next twelve months.

The actor who shares the same name as a “Melrose Place” character most long to forget will front SyFy’s upcoming series “Helix”. The gig comes hot on the heels of Campbell’s two-season stint on AMC’s “The Killing”, in which he played a politician.

Campbell’s playing Dr. Alan Farragut in the dark thriller series about scientists out to solve a disease outbreak, says Deadline.

“Farragut is just getting over a failed marriage and the affair his wife had with his brother, who now needs his help after becoming infected with a deadly disease. ”

Much of the interest in “Helix” is based on the involvement of “Battlestar Galactica” alum Ron Moore, serving as EP, but with a good cast intact, it might keep viewers interested post that inevitable ‘shit! there’s no Cylons in this thing!’ revelation.