Well it’s a-boat time, Sony!


“Kick-Ass 2” helmer Jeff Wadlow is directing a flick based on something Pammy use to say to Tommy in the bedroom.

“Go Fast” actually refers to “the fast boats that are used by DEA agents to thwart drug smugglers on the high seas”, according to Deadline, who broke this particular bit of film-chief news.
The movie is essentially ‘Fast & the Furious on the water’, by the sounds, with high-powered, fast-moving boats in the place of muscle cars.

This Jeff Wadlow fellow has done pretty damn well for himself. A couple of years back the biggest thing on his resume was “Never Back Down”, a cheesy little martial-arts flick starring “Twilight” escapee Cam Gigandet. Nowadays, that IMDB page of his boasts such high-profile credits as the upcoming “Kick-Ass” sequel, the recently-announced superhero blockbuster “X-Force” (yes, it’s a spin-off of “X-Men”) and now “Go Fast”, set up at Sony. Dude has come a long way sine, well, I considered walking out on his first major flick, the dire “Cry Wolf” starring Jon Bon Jovi. Howler that was.