Zach Braff switches Twilight stars on Kickstarter project


Flying fox Ashley Greene is stepping in for her all-booked-up “Twilight” co-star Anna Kendrick on Zach Braff’s new YOU-funded film “Wish I Were Here”.

Braff told Kickstarter-contributors the sad news – that Kendrick wouldn’t be doing the film – via email yesterday, citing a scheduling clash as the cause (yeah, but isn’t it always? sheesh.. we want dirt, man!).

“We’ve tried our hardest, but we’ve been unable to figure out the lovely Anna Kendrick’s scheduling conflicts with another movie she’s doing. This happens all the time in movie-land”, Braff wrote.

Bad luck, mate.

Still, there’s nothing wrong with Ashley Greene, in fact, she’s well on her way to becoming quite the formidable force in film herself – plus she’s hot. Greene’s next film, the period-piece true yarn “CBGB”, in which she’s apparently quite good in, should cement her status as a player that’s worth her fee – plus she’s hot. Hopefully her part in Braff’s film is, as I expect it would be, something of a substance. Did I also mention Greene is hot!?