Johnny Knoxville to blame for Paranormal Activity delay


The last time Paramount were feeling brave we got ‘The Love Guru’ with Mike Myers- alas, this experiment sounds slightly less risky.

The studio has opted not to release a new “Paranormal Activity” movie this October, as they normally do, and will instead release the latest film in the franchise – a Latino spin-off – in January.

Taking the release date originally set to be occupied by “Paranormal Activity : The Exorcism of Cheech Marin” (no, that’s not the name, so don’t go slotting that into the wikipedia page for the film, fella!) will be a “Jackass” spin-off called “Jackass Presents : Bad Grandpa”, again starring series regular Johnny ‘let’s have a drink, it’s 10am already!’ Knoxville. That one’s out October 25, while the new “Paranormal” hits cinemas January 3.

Will you guys be able to handle not watching 90 minutes of home-video footage of a girl playing on her computer this October? If not, look me up, I might be able to get you some surveillance footage from the local Apple store.