New The Conjuring VICE clip : 3:07 am!


Got a fresh pair of panties on stand-by?

Serious question.

Do ya?

No fellas, I’m not going to run another pic of Ashley Greene, not yet anyway (that’s bound to happen sometime today though); I’ve actually got a new clip associated with the special effectsy-spookfest “The Conjuring”, from Melbournian James Wan for you, and, as the film’s marketing campaign promises, thou.will.shat.something (Okay, that’s not actually the tagline they’re going with for the marketing campaign, but it should be). Film is as scary as a run-in with an inebriated Bronwyn Bishop in ACDC Lane on the night of a blackout.

The devil’s hour, which takes place at 3:07 AM, is the most haunted time of the day. VICE and ”The Conjuring” selected four directors to create short horror films inspired by this phenomenon. Each one is distinctly twisted and scary, and uniquely inspired by the film.

Check out ‘3.07 am’!

“The Conjuring” is now showing in cinemas.