Tomorrowland could be worth a visit, will feature cute blondes!


“Secret Circle” cutie Britt Robertson has snagged a plum role in the big Brad Bird- as opposed to Big Bird – production “Tomorrowland”.

The science-fiction blockbuster, inspired by a Disneyland attraction (what next? “Giant Turkey Leg : The Movie”!?), stars George Clooney, Hugh Laurie and some sort of robot (no, not Keanu Reeves you cheeky buggers!).

Robertson, currently appearing on the rather ho-hum series “Under the Dome”, plays a highschool girl “with an unconventional understanding of technology who is launched on a journey to reclaim her future”, according to THR.

Disney are expecting big things from Bird’s (“Mission : Impossible – Ghost Protocol”) film, reserving an expensive, chancy date of Dec.12, 2014 for it. Hopefully no “Alvin and the Chipmunks” movie is scheduled to go up against it. Could get deadly.